NFT plants that must be
💦watered weekly💦

Find Rare Species

There are 10 species in the CryptOrchid genum with varying rarity. The species is determined when you germinate a seed, which you can do after you mint your token. CryptOrchids can live forever, cannot be bred and have a population limited to 10,000. Learn more about the CryptOrchids genum in the Almanac.

paphiopedilum vietnamense

Water Weekly

CryptOrchids are extremely sensitive and must be watered every seven days. You have a 3 hour window to water your CryptOrchid or else it dies. Dead CryptOrchids cannot be transferred or sold. If your CryptOrchid dies, we hope you'll compost it so a new seed can be planted.

cypripedium calceolus

On-Chain Game

CryptOrchids uses on-chain data to persist how much water a plant currently has, and the smart contract exposes a water function that only the token owner can call to water their plant. You can also water your plant on the CryptOrchids website if you're not comfortable interacting with smart contracts yourself. Each watering will cost a small amount of Gas in order to update the on-chain data.

vanda coerulea

Let's Grow!

If you're ready to play, connect your wallet and head over to the Nursery.

Otherwise learn more by visiting the Almanac, joining our Discord or following CryptoOrchids on Twitter.

guarianthe aurantiaca